Many people ask what it is for space missions and what kind of advantages they gave to the man, but the answer is around us: wind-jackets, pans, mobile phone, pace maker, computer, Sat Nav, the everyday objects and technologies are more and they come from directly space missions, in addition to the great benefits achieved on the medical technology side. We go to the space to do scientific research that it would be an advantage for everyone in a few years. The documentary film is proposed to tell difficulties, actual and future challenges and background of space mission Expedition 52/53 planned 28th of July 2017, with benefits and repercussions on aspects directly connected with wellness/wellbeing of the man. Space mission’s organization requires a long work, deployment of men and instruments, cooperation between Space Agencies, involvement of private societies. For example, Thales Alenia Space contributed to building of ISS, under mandate of National and European Agency, the only laboratory of scientific research, place of experimentation of advanced technologies, in addition to being the most important international cooperation’s program ever undertaken in the scientific and technologic field. Astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, will open us doors of this common house of the Space to lead us behind the scenes of the space mission Expedition 52. We will be in the Space Agencies ‘offices to understand how mission burns and how astronauts are selected in relation to the mission. What the opportunities, that human missions give them, are.

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